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For thousands of years humans have relied on plants for healing; to remedy illness and any suffering, but also in a ritualistic sense. Herbs bring people together. They are a way for people to connect to themselves, to others, and to our world, and now more than ever people are seeking a more holistic approach to healing. With botanical remedies becoming such a popular and idealistic form of healing and gathering, it is the intent of RHIZOME APOTHECARY to support the community in becoming more knowledgeable about herbalism and help bring people back to their roots.



Ash and Clare met in herbalism school at Denver Integrative Massage School in Denver, CO in 2014. A gardening weekend at Denver Botanic Gardens, Chatfield solidified their friendship and was the start of not only a business relationship, but a strong sisterhood. Both thai massage therapists and yoga teachers, Clare has a background in holistic health coaching and nutrition, and Ash, a background in subtle body energy work and astrology. Both girls grew up in the garden with their parents, developing a love of plants, and Ash continued to grow her skill set in gardening and permaculture in her adult years to teaching classes and collaborating with Denver Integrative Massage School to teach new herbalists to develop their green thumb. These two vibrant and energetic spirits create a loving, warm and inviting environment that will spark your interest in plants and help to welcome them into your life every day.



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