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P L A N T P R O F I L E :: Oatstraw // Avena sativa

Posted on June 19 2017

Blog Contributor :: Herbalist Team Member, Erin Hattler

When we think of oats, the thought that usually comes to mind is oatmeal. And while I don’t deny the excellence of oats for breakfast (or in cookies, yum), using oatstraw as a tea or the milky oat tops in a tincture is going to give you a myriad of benefits that oatmeal simply can’t touch. 

Oatstraw is one of my favorite herbs. It helps buffer us against the stress of our modern lifestyles and gets between what you’re feeling and how you take it on. Oatstraw is high in magnesium, calcium, chromium and silica and its mucilaginous properties strengthen and repair the myelin sheath- in other words, oatstraw helps your nerves. It calms you down if you feel overworked or anxious—especially if you take on stress in a very physical way.

These properties also make oatstraw a great modern day aphrodisiac. By relaxing and nourishing your nerves, it enables you to get more pleasure out of physical touch. Oh lala.

Other things oatstraw or milky oats tincture can help with are:
Addictions (especially to caffeine, cocaine, nicotine or amphetamines)
Emotional frenzy and grief
Chronic worry/Repetitive thought patterns
Exhaustion associated with depression
In a bath for neuralgia and irritated skin conditions

Energetically, drinking oatstraw tea is like being wrapped in a warm blanket or getting an affectionate hug from your mom. As a flower essence, wild oats can help you find clarity about your life’s path, especially if you’re like me and have so many interests that choosing one thing feels overwhelming.

You can use oatstraw as a base for many different teas or just drink it my favorite way, with nettles and a touch of honey, steeped overnight for maximum effect.



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