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Our Favorite Skincare Regimen

Posted on December 07 2016

As you all may know by now, we here at Rhizome Apothecary believe in both internal and external healing. We believe in taking care of our skin, as it is the largest organ in our body, being the place where we absorb the most toxins as well. So we pride ourselves on our awesome skincare lines, and have provided here for you the best skincare line up we know. If you have been trying to figure out a regimen that works for you, we highly suggest trying this one. Enjoy! 

Face Mask :: Honey + Hibiscus mask by Whole Apothecary. Made in Denver, CO. We love this simple company and we love Leah Harrington! She was raised in an herbal focused family and has made it her life, creating products that nourish the skin. This mask comes as a liquid, deep maroon and potent from hibiscus. It is by far our most lux mask, with its combination of hibiscus, the "botox plant", and Manuka honey from New Zealand packed with antibacterial properties leaving the skin clear and refreshed. $26

Face Cleanser :: Black clay face soap by Osmia Organics. Made in Carbondale, CO. The owner of this company, Sarah Villafranco, created this bar for sensitive + dry skin, as well as problem skin issues such as perioral dermatitis. The black Australian clay and Dead Sea mud help to tone the skin, and the combination of oils such as almond, castor, and avocado help to nourish the skin. We love it! $26

Facial Toner :: Toner mist by Flynn & King. Made in Brooklyn, NY. We love this toner for many reasons. This gentle mist not only reminds you to breathe, but the rose and geranium help to control pore clogging and bacterial build up. The combination of ingredients helps to balance and soothe the skin, perfect for post face washing. $26

Face Serum :: Lunar 13 Oil Elixir by Flynn & King. Made in Brooklyn, NY.  If you ever wanted to know what heaven felt like, you will know after you use this serum. Made up of 13 different anti-oxidizing botanical oils, this oil will help firm your skin and help decrease dryness as well as wrinkles. A popular choice at our boutique. $65

Face Moisturizer :: Purely Simple Face Cream by Osmia Organics. Made in Carbondale, CO. This cream is great for sensitive skin because it has a low oil content which means less cause for skin irritation. It is smooth and cooling and the best part is that a little goes a long way! $62


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