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My Go-To Favorite Breakfast Superfoods

Posted on January 19 2017

Anybody who knows me well knows that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. In fact, I usually eat breakfast twice. I find it is the best way to fuel up for my day with versatile foods and superfoods. Superfoods can be very overwhelming because they all have so many great benefits that it can be a challenge to narrow it down and figure out which ones are good for you. I personally find it helpful to break down ones that I know work for me and hopefully they will work for you! 
In the morning I alternate between a few different types of breakfast. I am a probiotic junkie so I love to fuel up with a huge kefir bowl. I like Maple Hill Grass Fed + Organic Kefir (Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods). Kefir is packed with live enzymes and active cultures that help aid in digestion and healthy bacteria levels. I love the texture of kefir because it is thinner so when you add a bunch of delicious additions it does not make it too thick, which can happen wth a thick greek yogurt. The following ingredients can also be used in a yummy smoothie, the power of versatility. 
Reishi - One of my favorite adaptogens for many reasons. This anti-tumor and cancer fighting mushroom is the queen of healing. Supporting our nervous system and calming our anxiety, this gal has been used in healing for thousands of years. It's got wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, and it's almost likes it's giving you a big morning hug. 
Maca - There isn't one day that I skip my maca powder. My boyfriend is convinced is tastes like dirty socks, but I promise you that is pure paranoia speaking. Maca is wonderful for balancing hormone levels and increasing your overall vitality. For all my ladies post birth control out there, this is the plant for you to take daily!
Cacao Powder - It's just always so heart warming and exciting when you hear that cacao is an anti-depressant. Basically we all need more chocolate! In the right form of course. Cacao, the latin of cocoa, has crazy high levels of antioxidants, more than some berries, and has the capability to increase mood levels, so.... more chocolate please! 
Energy Tonic - This combination of maca, rhodiola and astragalus was crafted by Moon Deli, one of my favorite companies. Rhodiola can help in a variety of ways. It is mainly a brain tonic, helping to stimulate the brain and body by increasing oxygen levels and absorption of oxygen. It is great for those athletes out there looking for a great tonic for muscle recovery, and helps to normalize metabolism making it great for weight loss. Astragalus is a wonderful plant for boosting your immunity and is a powerful adaptogen for easing stress and anxiety. 
The good news is that you can get ALL of these powerful plants at Rhizome Apothecary! This is just the start of supporting our body's health. If you want to learn more about these topics, join me on January 31st at 6:30pm for a talk on supporting your body's natural flora! 

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