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March 2017 Astrology + Botanical Remedies

Posted on March 07 2017

March Astrologically is a bit of an internal tug of war. If you are like me, you find yourself wanting to sit back and relax while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed by everything you want to get done or feel that you SHOULD be getting done.

We all have had as many as seven planets in Pisces influencing our collective consciousness since the beginning of this year. We are experiencing a closing out of the lessons learned from the moons nodes as they come to the end of their journey through Pisces + Virgo and move onto pulling in a completely new lesson for us all in May.

Adversely, we are also collectively experiencing influential planets + aspects in Aries. Aries is fire, cardinal, and yang. Aries is the initiator and rules over our physical body, carries the spark of movement + acceleration. Aries represents the beginning of life, separation from source. Whereas the dominant Piscean energy is water, mutable, and yin, it carries the archetype of transcendence + the desire to return to source. Do you see how these energies could influence an internal stir?

As a visual intuitive, I just keep seeing the famous scene from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the first Fantasia movie, where Mickey Mouse takes the sorcerer’s hat to complete his chores while he takes a snooze and finds himself in a flurry of overwhelming amounts of water (Pisces) and acts out of instinct (Aries) chopping the enchanted broom into pieces, only to make a bigger mess with more enchanted brooms carrying more water pales!

We are in that instinctual + mutable place of truth, belief, and furry. Not only is the roll of Sorcerer akin to the energy of Pisces, but this power can get a bit out of control while we, as the main characters of our lives, have a hard time keeping ourselves on the ground.

The Piscean influence has led us to a point where we might be having a difficult time staying on task, and find ourselves day dreaming, sleeping, or grasping for structure in a time of instinct + uncertainty.

The good news is that we can use this energy as a tool!

We have Saturn sitting conjunct (hanging out with) the galactic center. This translates into a cosmic reminder to do what is right + ethical. March is a time to FOLLOW YOUR INUTITION and act on high vibrational instincts (Aries) meanwhile allowing the universe to speak to you in an eternal Piscean manner.

Are you feeling pulled to go into a completely new direction in life, love, or work? It’s not the time for action necessarily, due to Mars entering into Taurus, allowing everything to feel a bit less rushed and the priority being given to doing things correctly vs. quickly. This means that it is a great time to completely reassess your values.

What truly matters to you in life, what is it that you want to manifest? Aries + Pisces working together in manifestation can be an unbeatable force. Allow yourself to feel into how you need to care for yourself.

One wonderful way to get in touch with that manifestation process is first understand how you can most intimately care for yourself. I will be holding a Cosmic Self-Care class on March 16th of this month at Rhizome Apothecary, where we will look at each individual chart position and learn how each person’s chart can give them direction as to how to best care for themselves.

 Another way would be to grab the book The Desire Map, in order to really look at whom you are and what it is that you want to unveil. Come May, it will be important to know what direction you are hoping to go and how you intend to live your life according to those goals.


Botanical Remedies for March

Marshmallow Leaf- Soothing and protective… promotes healing to external wounds. After taking internally marshmallow will signal to the body to increase the amount of hydration and secretion in the body.

Linden Leaf- Reduces mental anxiety + has fantastic antioxidant compounds that act as free radical scavengers eliminating harmful byproducts, improve overall health. Wonderful detoxifier – especially helpful for this month of March!


Violet Leaf- Boundaries are so very powerful + especially helpful at this time, when life feels as if it is lost in the constant mutable waters, we can use our plant allies to inspire that strength.


Important Aspects this Month + Descriptions

 Jupiter opposite Uranus 3/4- 4/15

The universe is asking us to really assess our relationship to the outside world + allowing us to find balance in our path. 

Mars transiting through Taurus 3/10 – 4/21

Mars is the planet of Action and Taurus slows it down, asking us to get things done correctly vs. quickly.

Venus Retrograde 3/4 – 4/14

This will open a portal to influence from karmic love + karmic cleaning can occur.

Mars trine Saturn 3/5- 3/12

Great time to problem solve, use warrior mars energy to get practical about solutions to structural + foundational problems.

Mercury conjunct Venus 3/18 – 3/21

Communication of the heart is available to you so use the energy to your benefit! 

Mercury conjunct Neptune 3/26 – 4/1

Wonderful aspect for opening yourself to creativity + intuitive knowing.

Mercury trine Saturn 3/25 – 4/5

 Strong influence assisting us in organizing our lives + digging into the details.

Mars trine Pluto 3/29 - 4/12

Dig into your soul’s resources, find your truth, + ignite your desires


*Incase you want to watch the classic sorcerers apprentice I uses in metaphor -->

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