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Rhizome Apothecary!

Posted on July 14 2016




Welcome to our first blog post!

We are so lucky to have had all the stars align for us to be able to embark on this endeavor. There are so many reasons why we wanted to open up an apothecary, and the main reason is that we just need more access to plants and botanical remedies in Denver. When we graduated from the Herbalism Roots program we didn't have options to practice herbalism. It is a challenging thing to do without continuing education or an abundance of access to plants and herbs locally. We want to provide healing to the community and also help budding herbalists start their careers.

Both Thai massage therapists (Clare is also a yoga teacher and Ash is does energy work + astrology), we knew we wanted to take that next step that would provide us with not only stability but the deep satisfaction of fulfilling our dreams. The versatility of this shop is incredible, and we are open to any and all ideas. We have worked with local artists and craftsmen to put our space together, and we want to uplift other artists and be a platform for them to teach their skills and share their passions. We will have workshops, classes, lectures, and so much more. If you have an idea or something you want to share please contact us so that we can schedule you.

You can expect seasonal plant walks, one on one consultations surrounding nutrition by Clare, our in our certified Holistic Health Coach, or an astrology/energy session with Ash, and both will provide herbal consults. And PLEASE feel free to come and hang out and drink tea, laugh, learn and be a part of our community, because at the end of it all, that's what we are about.

For the love of plants,

Clare + Ash.

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