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Creating Ritual

Posted on October 03 2016

Happy Monday morning to you all!

I've just come off of working a long week between working at the shop and teaching yoga classes, and I, like many of us, struggle from time to time to discipline myself to reset my body and my mind. One of the reasons I have spent so many years studying the field of health and wellness is so that I can help people slow down, take care of themselves, and create a stronger ritual in their lives. 

I believe that the point of creating a bit of structure and leaving room for sacred space is to make life a bit easier, because we all know life is suffering, fundamentally. This is one reason why I don't align with the practices of eliminations, rather I believe adding into your life gives us long term results and more contentment. Whether it be diet, exercise, meditation, etc, I have discovered that taking away causes stress and anxiety. Yesterday at the shop I had a family come in, the mother was visiting from Georgia (thickest southern accent you have ever heard, by the way), and they were probably the most friendly of folk. The mother was fascinated by our herbal cigarettes, and when I explained to her how our Manifest Blend (damiana, rose petals and peppermint) has been great for helping people quit smoking, her ears immediately perked up. She told me that she had been trying to quit for years, and that this year in August she chose her birthday as the day to go cold turkey. But lo and behold not only did she not quit smoking, she smoked twice as much. The pressure of going cold and the psychology around "You cannot have your favorite thing" caused so much stress that she in her mind, failed. 

The solution to this one would be simple. Switch out half of your traditional cigarettes with herbal cigarettes, a stress free method of weaning yourself off, and still being able to have that go-to fixation of having something in your hand. She hadn't seen so much hope for quitting smoke in two months, and that smile I saw yesterday said it all. 

I could say there are deeper more underlying factors here contributing towards her fixation, but the point is that we took a different approach to cutting out the bad by adding in the good. And this is what I love about Rhizome Apothecary. Between Ash and I and our combined skill sets, we can work together through so many different methods to implementing stronger and healthier habits into your life. 

I walk into the shop every day and I am reminded of that importance of ritual. The daily morning tinctures, the smoke medicine practices, the daily afternoon cup (or press) of herbal tea, and the constant desire to move, practice yoga, and take care of our bodies, seeking balance in the best way we know how. And finding balance still includes having a glass of wine here and there, and spending time with friends and family. xoxo. 


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