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Astrology Unearthed

Posted on December 14 2016


Due to the fact that we just experienced a full moon in Gemini, on December 13th, I wanted to follow that energy which is currently so available to us, communication. This gemini full moon has been impactful on the collective consciousness, in that it has given us a whirl of energy, allowing for exploration of new avenues of inspiration. You may have heard about astrology, but I am here to unearth the profundity of the history and insight into the current use of this esoteric study. 

Astrology is a complex study of human evolution + consciousness.

Astrology evolved alongside astronomy originating far back into the antiquity of Babylon. The Babylonians developed their form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago! During this time they were using the Sun, Moon, and 5 visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Their version of astrology was concerned with large events that mainly concerned the king and his kingdom, such as crops, floods, eclipses, and wars.

Today there are multiple uses for astrology. It has stood the test of time, although not appreciated by the mass of our society. This ancient knowledge is most definitely alive and well within certain cultural pockets + growing in followers every day. Astrology is an expansive tool used to decipher the ebb + flow of the natural world. Astrology can be used to see into our psyche allowing us to gain insight to what challenges we may face at different times within our life. Astrological knowledge can be used as a tool alongside metal heath + wellness goals to encourage one to become their most authentic self. Astrology is helpful in its ability to elude to when one may have children, get married, or start a new career. Studying an individual’s chart can uncover who might be the best match for one romantically or in business partnership.

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In our science driven culture astrology isn’t given the stamp of approval. Yet, astrology doesn’t try to fit into current day science’s definition of truth. The fact that our lives on earth are strongly influenced by the Sun and the Moon cannot be disputed. The moon gives life to the tides and the sun nourishes our ecosystem. If we know that our natural world is affected by the solar system; it feels unauthentic to say that we are aside from their influence. As a society we have come unhinged from living within the natural cycles of our mother earth. The natural ebb and flow of life has been tossed by the wayside… in the name of progress we have blown past the knowledge of yesteryear like a steam train on a mission for a distant land.

The steam train has been a brilliant ride. In three generations we went from having huge dial up phones plastered on our walls to pocket sized computers giving real-time video of the person we are holding a conversation with. I personally feel empowered by the modern amenities we have today. Still, I am equally passionate about the technologies we have blown past. The knowledge of our ancestors who lived harmoniously with the seasons also allowed them to tune in and revel in deep internal reflections. Their observations have a place + presence in our world now. Even as we reach such great heights in our technological grasp, as a people I see us yearning for more balance.

Astrology has withstood the test of time because it has held space for philosophical evolution. The study of astrology is the study of our most intimate psyche; it is a space holder for archetypes that will prevail for as long as humanity exists. Astrology gives us a way to reconnect to our internal worlds and rediscover our inner truth. If you are interested in learning more about this tangible way to grasp the subtle spirit or vigor of the archetypal world feel free to reach out, I adore swimming in esoteric realms while walking the earth.


            //Warmest of Wishes//


                   //Reclaim your Roots//


                            Ash Koehnke


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